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Q: What type of wood is used for barrel sauna?

A: Only cedar is used in barrels. We only add pine for benches and base frame.

Q: Is the barrel sauna stained?

A: We stain the barrel upon request.

Q: What base needs to be prepared for sauna? 

A: The easiest way to prepare the base is to put cement slabs. The base measures 4 feet wide by chosen barrel length. 

Q: Do you accept all methods of payment? 

A: Yes, we take all methods of payment. Deposit is required before shipping, balance is due upon delivery and can be paid by check, visa, Mastercard or email transfer.  

Q: Is the barrel waterproof

A: The barrel sauna is not guaranteed to be completely waterproof. Even with our standard metal roof, the barrel sauna could leak during hard rain. Water spots are possible in barrel sauna. Make sure that the straps are tight and apply varnish on your sauna to avoid water penetration. 

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