Terms & Conditions

Important information: The  stove comes to you in the box with the manufacturer’s
instructions. All electric stoves must be installed and wired by certified electricians. All wood
stoves must be installed according to the installation guide used. Please note that Kodiak
Saunas assumes no responsibility for electrical connections to your barrel. Any additional
equipment must also meet specific requirements. Kodiak Saunas is responsible for the solid
wood construction of the barre, excluding cracks or splits in the wood that are caused
naturally by wood products. The warranty on all additional equipment such as stoves and
accessories is covered by the manufacturer.

The information provided by Kodiak Saunas is intended for informational purposes only and
should not be considered medical advice. Please always consult a licensed healthcare
practitioner for any medical questions or concerns regarding using the saunas.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to:
-ensure that all necessary permits and approvals have been obtained for the installation of
the sauna, including any required municipal regulations;
additionally, the purchaser must provide level terrain for installation;
-adequate access for the installation team.
In using the sauna, it is important to follow common sense safety guidelines, including:
-not falling asleep in the sauna;
-not using the sauna for more than 15 minutes at a time;
-discontinuing use during electrical storms;
-avoiding placing objects permanently inside or on the roof of the sauna;
-seeking medical advice if feeling faint, dizzy, or unwell.

Individuals with certain medical conditions, including alcohol and drug abuse/dependency,
cardiovascular issues, impaired ability to sweat, fever, heat insensitivity, hemophilia,
pregnancy, and use of prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult a
physician before using the sauna.

Children under the age of 12 and the elderly should use caution and shorten the duration of
each sauna session.

Kodiak Saunas assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any circumstances
arising from the use or misuse of the sauna. The purchaser agrees to hold Kodiak Saunas
and its agents and employees harmless from any liability, including attorney fees and costs,
for any claims for damages due to injury incurred by the purchaser or caused to third parties
by the purchaser, arising from the use or misuse of the sauna.

Please be advised that Kodiak Saunas does not provide installation services for the sauna
stove. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange for a licensed electrician to install
the stove according to all local building codes and regulations.
Kodiak Saunas assumes no liability for any damages or injuries resulting from the improper
installation or misuse of the sauna stove. It is important to follow all manufacturer
instructions and guidelines for the safe use and operation of the stove. The purchaser
assumes full responsibility for the proper use and maintenance of the stove and any
consequences that may arise from its misuse.

This is a reminder to register the serial number of your Harvia Sauna product
here:https://www.sauna.ca/warranty-registration/ You need to log in to proceed to the
warranty registration page. The serial number must be registered within 15 days of purchase
to activate the warranty. Warranty may be void if the serial number is not registered on time.
Kodiak Saunas offers a 1-year warranty on the craftsmanship of the sauna. This excluded
wood cracking or splitting.

Kodiak Saunas Barrel Sauna Maintenance Guide

Guidelines to keep your sauna in great shape:
1. Strap Tightening: Regularly check the straps that secure the staves of the sauna barrel.
Over time, the wood may expand and contract due to changes in humidity and temperature.
Gently tighten the straps as needed to ensure that the staves remain securely in place. This
will help maintain the structural integrity of the barrel and prevent any potential warping.
2. Staining and Finishing: To preserve the beauty of the wood and protect it from the
elements, it’s recommended to stain or finish the barrel sauna every 2 years. Choose a
high-quality, exterior-grade wood stain or finish that is suitable for outdoor use. Before
applying any product, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Follow the manufacturer’s
instructions for application and drying times. Regular staining will help prevent cracking,
fading, and weathering of the wood.
3. Waterproofing Limitations: Please note that the sauna barrel is not guaranteed to be
completely waterproof. While the wood used in your sauna is designed to withstand outdoor
conditions, natural variations in the wood and changes in environmental factors can affect its
ability to repel water. To minimize water exposure, ensure that the sauna is placed on a
level, well-drained surface and that the straps are always tight.
General Maintenance Tips:
• Cleaning: Periodically clean the interior of the sauna to remove dust, dirt, and sweat
residue. Use a mild soap and water solution, and avoid abrasive cleaners that could damage
the wood.
• Ventilation: Allow proper ventilation after each use to prevent moisture buildup inside the
sauna, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.
• Seal Maintenance: Check the seal around your barrel and replace the silicone every 3-5
years only if it shows signs of wear to maintain a good seal and energy efficiency.
• Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When cleaning or maintaining the sauna, avoid using harsh
chemicals that could damage the wood or finishes. By following these maintenance
guidelines, you can enjoy your Kodiak Saunas barrel sauna for many years to come. If you
have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.
Thank you again for choosing Kodiak Sauna!