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Ryan Tilson and Justin Halpern, business partners since 2014, form a dynamic duo in the construction industry. Ryan, a skilled carpenter, and Justin, a proficient heavy equipment operator, combined their expertise to establish their partnership, focusing initially on deck construction, fence installations, and excavation projects. In 2016, the duo expanded their horizons by joining the Kodiak family, injecting fresh ideas into the business.

Their entrepreneurial spirit led to the inception of the sauna division, showcasing their innovative approach to diversifying their services. Since then, Ryan and Justin have taken the reins of the Quebec division, overseeing the operations of sheds and further establishing themselves as key players in the construction and outdoor living space.

With a solid foundation in craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation, this dynamic partnership continues to flourish, offering quality services and expanding their presence in the industry.

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Our top priority is the satisfaction and well-being of our clients, ensuring each interaction is as warm and inviting as our saunas.

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We pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship, using only the finest cedar to ensure longevity and superior sauna experiences.

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Committed to supporting local communities, we source all materials within Quebec, contributing to sustainable practices and economic growth.


Continuously improving our products, we embrace innovation to offer the most advanced and comfortable outdoor saunas in the market.

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Recognized for our excellence in the sauna industry, Kodiak Saunas has earned the trust of countless clients. Discover their stories and experiences with our services.

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