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Birdhouse Sauna Made in Quebec

Classically-Designed Saunas

Kodiak Saunas blends modern design and traditional style with our unique birdhouse saunas. As a hallmark of our craftsmanship, our birdhouse sauna brings a luxurious and spacious sauna experience right to your backyard. Built with locally sourced Canadian Western Red Cedar, our birdhouse saunas provide a unique aesthetic that stands out. With different sizes and custom options, we can deliver a sauna that’s perfect for you.

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Our Birdhouse Sauna Features

A Variety of Sizes To Choose From

8ft Birdhouse

From: $7,500.00

10ft Birdhouse

From: $8,500.00

12ft Birdhouse with Changing Room

From: $9,500.00

Premier Kodiak Sauna Solutions

8 Ft Model

The 8 Ft Birdhouse Sauna, ideal for up to 6 people, offers a comfortable and intimate sauna experience in a stylish design.
Premier Kodiak Sauna Solutions

10 Ft Model

Our 10FT Birdhouse Sauna is perfect for larger gatherings, accommodating 8 people comfortably in a spacious setting.
Premier Kodiak Sauna Solutions

12 Ft + Changing Room

The 12FT Birdhouse with a Changing Room provides ample space for 6-8 people and adds convenience with a separate changing area.

Quebec’s Best Birdhouse Saunas

Classic Style, Modern Comfort

Unique Design

Our birdhouse saunas stand out with their unique design, offering not just a sauna experience but also an aesthetic enhancement to your property.

Quality Craftsmanship

We use high-grade materials and skilled craftsmanship to ensure every birdhouse sauna is built to last and perform exceptionally.

Custom Sizing

Our team works with you to customize your sauna, ensuring it perfectly fits your space and meets your wellness needs.
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Transform your backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation and style with our birdhouse saunas. With custom sizing options, we can make a sauna that perfect for you and your home.