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Barrel & Birdhouse Saunas

Fully assembled and ready to use 

Indulge in the relaxation of the sturdy barrel and birdhouse saunas from Kodiak Saunas that add elegance to any outdoor space. Whether you enjoy the whimsical beauty of a birdhouse sauna or the rustic appeal of a barrel sauna, each is built with meticulous detail and craftsmanship, representing our dedication to both creative excellence and your well-being. 


Ontario: 613.261.3461
Quebec: 514.820.0302

We deliver across Ontario & Quebec

Kodiak Saunas Ontario & Quebec

Choose your Sauna

Prepare your base

Delivery & Installation 

Saunas Styles

Bird house Sonas
Kodiak Sauna


Locally Sourced Materials
Handcrafted in Canada

Heating Options

Electric Stove
Wood Burning.jpg

Wood Burning

Best in class Harvia M3 Wood burning stove 

Electric Stove

Our electric stove made by Canada's best SaunaCore Inc. Running on 240Volts - Either 30 or 40 amps depending on the size to best heat your sauna.

Our Happy Customers

"Sauna Arrived a month after placing the order. Everything worked from day one and the owner of Kodiak Saunas was very quick to respond over email. The sauna is clearly handmade in Canada and not from a kit."

Blake Dyson

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