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At Kodiak Saunas, we specialize in delivering premium, prefabricated saunas across Ontario and Quebec. Since 2017, we have been dedicated to enhancing health and wellness through our handcrafted saunas. Our Ottawa and Montreal-based team builds each sauna with top-quality materials, locally sourced cedar, and a level of craftsmanship that promises durability and comfort for lasting use.
Expert Saunas from Kodiak

Ready-To-Use Saunas in Ontario and Quebec

At Kodiak Saunas, we’ll deliver our prefabricated saunas to any backyard in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto & everywhere in between.

Our Financing Options

Hassle-free financing options available for your dream sauna experience.
Quality Saunas by Kodiak

Cold Plunges

Elevate your wellness journey—shop the best cold plunges on the market and transform your health and vitality from the comfort of your home.
Saunas by Kodiak
Quality Saunas by Kodiak
Premier Kodiak Sauna Solutions
Premier Kodiak Sauna Solutions

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Experience the rest and relaxation that comes with Kodial Sauna’s range of luxurious, handcrafted products. Our team is here for you at every step, from finding the right sauna for you, delivery and installation.

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