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Our Financing Options

At Kodiak Saunas, we understand that investing in wellness should be accessible and stress-free. That’s why we offer tailored financing options for our premium saunas. Our straightforward process allows you to enjoy the luxury of a Kodiak Sauna with flexible payment solutions that align with your budget. With competitive rates and quick approval, owning your dream sauna has never been easier. Experience the comfort of a Kodiak Sauna in your home, with the convenience of our affordable financing options.

Financing Details

Simplified Process


Complete a straightforward application form and receive an instant credit decision, streamlining your path to wellness.

Automated Payments

Enjoy the convenience of automatic payments debited from your bank account, making financial planning easier.

Affordable Plans

With options starting as low as $102/month, our financing plans make owning a sauna accessible and budget-friendly.

Reliable Financing Solutions

Financial Flexibility

Easy Approval

Our quick and straightforward approval process ensures that you can access sauna financing without unnecessary delays.
Expert Sauna Financing Services in Quebec
Quality Sauna Financing Options in Quebec

Customized Plans

We offer a variety of financing plans to match your financial situation, providing personalized solutions for every customer.

Transparent Terms

Kodiak Saunas is committed to transparency in all financing options, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your agreement.
Quality Sauna Financing Options in Quebec

Finance Your Kodiak Sauna Today

Don’t wait to own your own Kodiak Sauna. We have affordable financing options so you don’t have to make the plunge into a big purchase. Begin your journey to relaxation and wellness with a hassle-free, streamlined financing plan that’s tailored just for you.