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Red Cedar Cold Plunge

Introducing the Red Cedar Cold Plunge by Kodiak, meticulously crafted in Quebec to elevate your wellness experience. Immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of this premium cold plunge, Built with locally sourced Canadian Western Red Cedar for both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re seeking post-sauna refreshment or a standalone cold therapy experience, this plunge delivers. The deep, cold immersion promotes circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, and rejuvenates the body and mind. The thoughtfully contoured interior and smooth finish enhance comfort, inviting you to embrace the brisk, revitalizing waters.

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Kodiak Cold Plunges

The Plunge 100 Cold Plunge

From: $2,000.00

The Plunge 150 Cold Plunge

From: $2,400.00

Quebec’s Leading Name in Cold Plunge Innovation

Our Exciting Partnership with Coldture

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Coldture, Quebec’s most popular cold plunge brand. This collaboration brings together Kodiak’s expertise in high-quality, artisan-crafted cold plunges with Coldture’s innovative designs tailored for optimal cold immersion experiences.

Coldture Plunges The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle

From: $5,900.00

Coldture Plunges The Barrel Cold Therapy Plunge Tub

From: $1,500.00

Coldture Plunges The Classic Cold Plunge Tub Bundle

From: $5,900.00

Coldture Plunges The Cold Plunge/Ice Bath Water Chiller

From: $4,400.00

Coldture Plunges The Cold Therapy Pro Plunge

From: $11,499.00

Colture Plunges The Classic Cold Therapy Plunge Tub

From: $1,500.00

Excellence in Wellness

Kodiak stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, offering more than just cold plunges—we provide a lifestyle change. Our dedication to using premium Canadian red cedar and artisanal craftsmanship ensures a luxury experience with every dip. Choose a Kodiak Cold Plunge pool for unparalleled durability, aesthetic beauty, and the myriad health benefits cold therapy offers. Our exceptional customer service and attention to your wellness journey make us your ideal partner in embracing the cold plunge lifestyle.

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Elevate your wellness routine with Kodiak’s Cold Plunges. Whether you seek recovery, relaxation, or rejuvenation, our cold plunges promise a unique and transformative experience. Reach out to us today, and let’s tailor your cold therapy journey to your lifestyle.