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The Kodiak Saunas birdhouse saunas will transport you to a realm of fantasy and relaxation. These are not your average saunas; they combine comfort with creativity to provide total peace. 

Imagine a custom birdhouse sauna in your backyard—a cozy retreat that blends the healing effects of sauna therapy with extravagant design. These meticulously curated saunas represent our dedication to redefining the feeling of relaxation. Custom birdhouse saunas bring a unique touch curated to fit your tastes and requirements. Unwind and relax in this magical refuge while you savour the warmth, close your eyes, and let the world drift away. 

Our birdhouse saunas elevate any outdoor space to a whole new level by infusing them with sheer beauty and well-being, whether as a focal point or a hidden jewel. Browse the Kodiak Saunas website to learn about the enchantment of our birdhouse saunas, where tranquillity meets innovation and relaxation knows no bounds.

Starting at $8999

Our Saunas are made with the highest quality cedar to withstand our harsh winters

Available Sizes


8ft Birdhouse

This Sauna is perfect for 6 people seated comfortably. 


10FT Birdhouse

This sauna is perfect for 8 people to sit comfortably.


12FT Birdhouse + Changing room

This sauna is perfect for 6 to 8 people to sit comfortably with a seperate changing room. 




Complete the application form and get a credit decision on the spot.



Confirm your purchase details with your merchant and submit any required documents.


Pay it off

Payments are debited automatically from your bank account.

Finance for as low as $124/month 

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