Wood Burning Harvia M3

Starting From: $1,200.00

A chic woodburning stove for compact saunas
The Harvia M3 offers a timeless design, perfectly fitting for smaller sauna spaces. It enhances the sauna experience by combining pleasure with a traditional ambiance. Its ability to distribute heat evenly and maintain efficient air circulation ensures a delightful sauna session.

M3 Design and Features
Equipped with a glass door, the Harvia M3 stove allows the soothing glow of the fire to enhance the sauna’s ambiance. Its sophisticated graphite black color and stainless steel air-flow spoiler add an elegant touch. The M3 model can also be fitted with a pipe model water heater, offering additional functionality.

It is ideal for sauna rooms ranging from 212-459 cu. ft. (6–13 m3), with a maximum stone capacity of 66 lbs (30 kg).

Rocks included but Stove pipe not included.